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Monthly Archives: October 2012

This is my first DIY post…I hope you all will forgive my poor photography and not-so-great camera. I’m hoping for a better one for Christmas 🙂 Anyway, I do DIY projects all the time ~ that’s what stay-at-home mom’s do, especially those of us who just loooove Pinterest! Most of the projects I do are fairly easy, quick projects, and they tend to be baby-related. So, I’m going to *try* to get some of my projects up here! Today’s projects is homemade baby powder.

I am not a fan of talcum powder. The stuff is made out of rocks, for goodness’ sake! Plus it’s rumored to be carcinogenic. Not exactly what I’m looking to put all over the bum of my little angel! Burt’s Bee’s sells a natural ‘Dusting Powder’, that I’ve used and love – but the $5.40 price tag is a little ridiculous. Especially if you read the ingredients and discover that it’s pretty much just herbal scented CORNSTARCH!

So I’ve been using cornstarch in place of talcum powder/dusting powder for a while. It works great! But, the idea of powdering my baby’s bum out of the container of cornstarch that I use to make chocolate pudding…just doesn’t sit right. So, here’s what I came up with:

Empty spice containers! Make sure and use the one’s with the sprinkle type tops,  as shown above. I just wipe the empty containers out with a paper towel. You could wash them, but it would be hard to get every drop of moisture out…plus, I used containers from cinnamon, nutmeg and the like, so if a little was in the baby powder, it certainly wouldn’t hurt! I used a big spice container (6 0z), and a little one (2oz). The little container is perfect for a diaper bag!

Fill container with cornstarch. Yep, just regular old cornstarch from your kitchen. I guess you could go organic, if you wanted to…I just used what I had on hand.

Now the fun part – your containers are filled, so label them! You could skip this part, but it’s fun, easy and makes them look so cute! Label with actual sticky labels, or do like I did, and use baby themed wrapping paper.


It’s easiest if you trace around the label that was on the container.

Afix label with some tape. I used a lot of tape, these containers will get some wear and tear and I want them to stay looking cute! (note my FAVORITE red mug in the background!) 🙂


There you have it!

Total time for this project: about 15 minutes

Total cost for this project: <$1 of cornstarch. The containers I had, and would have tossed since they were empty, if I hadn’t come up with this use for them! Wrapping paper and tape I also had on hand.

Have you done a fun DIY project lately??